About Us - B&B Aigua Alghero

Welcome to B&B Aigua Alghero, a hidden gem in the pulsating heart of Alghero's historic center. Nestled in a quaint spot with winding and dancing narrow streets down toward the sea, our B&B is much more than accommodation—it breathes an experience in history, comfort, and style.

Our Story Born with a project in mind

creating an island of peace and beauty in one of the most charming cities in Sardinia B&B Aigua is born. Inaugurated in 2001, it is the realization of an old dream of its owner, Emanuele Maganuco, a land surveyor passionate about travel and architecture. We have carefully restored the facility, preserving the charm of the building in all its original aspects and, at the same time, offering all modern comforts with dedicated care.

Our Apartments

B&B Aigua Alghero is much more than simply an accommodation facility for one night. Each mini-apartment, in fact, is the fruit of design work: it is the masterpiece of the characteristic, warm style of Alghero, rethought with a pinch of creativity and personal touch. Our guests will have the following:

  • Dining and/or breakfast rooms with self-catering facilities, for total freedom and privacy.
  • Cozy bedrooms, ideal for resting after a day exploring the city.
  • Elegant bathrooms, equipped with every comfort for a relaxing stay.

Come Visit Us

Proudly, we provide an environment that mirrors the warmth and welcome from Sardinia with furniture that reflects the voice of history, culture, and creativity. B&B Aigua stands for the best choice for genuine seekers in a peaceful refuge and represents the ideal point from where the beauty of Alghero can be discovered.

You are invited to come and visit it. It is in Via Ambrogio Machin, 22, Alghero 07041. Your Alghero story starts here in B&B Aigua. We wait to share this magic with you!

Richiesta Prezzo

Intervew with Emanuele Maganuco

Meet Our Expert Members

Who are in extremely love with eco friendly system.

Emanuele Maganuco

Welcome to the world of Emanuele Maganuco: the dynamic soul of B&B Aigua Alghero. It is not a success story, but the story of a traveler, dreamer, and hotel lover.

The Journey That Changed Everything

It all started with a cultural trip to London in 2000, a city I consider the capital of extra-hotel hospitality. These were the days when the thought of being on the Earth, walking through the streets of history-wrapped London, and coming up with something different in the world of hospitality was sown. A lover of all forms of hotelery, I decided to bring a breath of that innovation and charm to the heart of Sardinia.

The Dream Becomes Reality

And so, back in Italy, I began to walk the first steps of making that dream a reality. I even bought my first property in Alghero in 2001, and it was a building in need of love and vision for transformation. Such an approach then initiated a rather complicated reconstruction process: it was supposed to maintain fully the historic charm of the building within the scope of providing proper comfort and outstanding design.

A Passion that Continues to Grow

A Passion that Continues to Grow Starting from that first project, my business has grown, fueling from constant passion and dedication for hospitality and service to our guests. Day after day, I'm committed to making B&B Aigua Alghero something more than a sleeping place and rendering the stay memorable for every customer.

Your Home Away from Home

Every guest at B&B Aigua Alghero gets the same attentiveness with which I've been at work while creating this special place. Waiting for you, so that also you can experience the beauty of Alghero, to be pampered with the unique atmosphere and the welcome facilities of only B&B Aigua Alghero.

My journey continues, and I hope yours can begin here, with us, at B&B Aigua Alghero.